Land Of The Dead (2005)

was very good, one of my best this year… lots of blood and gore and there was actually a story :open_mouth:

the film is a follow on from Dawn of the Dead(havent seen dawn of the dead)

Dawn of the dead is very good.

What one is this in the series? 2 or 3?

from what I understand this is number two… Im not 100% sure…but theres been dawn of the dead and now this !! :slight_smile:

have you seen sheun of the dead?it’s a great comady!

This I do believe is a Geogre Romeo (Dam my spelling) original (ie it’s been made by him it seems) rather than a remake like Dawn of the Dead.

Very good.

Some nasty bits in and bits that made me jump :lol: but all in all a good watch.