LCD TV's.... whats the deal?

Alright guys, long time no see :slight_smile: hope you are all well

Im moving out fairly soon, and im looking at getting a new TV to suit my lounge area, and im looking at some LCD TV’s out there.

I dont need it to be huge, but want more than 20" I think

Anyone got any so they can speak from experience whether they are actually any good or not?

My advise would be to go and look at them at currys and then go to buy them on the interweb…

Personally i think they give a much more vibrant picture, less screen glare and a picture that is acceptable in sunshine as well as night, they take up much less room and look damn funky too.

Also i’ve noticed that input signal quality is important, but probably not so critical on a smaller screen. I know for example that sky compress the hell out of there signal on some of there channels and my screen really shows this on channels like sci-fi…

You moving in with the lady then Mr Ice :slight_smile:

thats the general idea mate :slight_smile:

ull have to come down and have a beer with me soon, catch up

cheers for the advice btw. i dont wanna spend big money either. have u got one?

Yes m8, will have to catch up soon :slight_smile:

I’ve got a 32" toshiba LCD, old mans got a sharp 22" (i think) that he’s well pleased with and my mums got a samsung 20" that she is also chuffed with but she paid well over the odds for it from currys.

All look good to me and they are all pleased with them, my mother even more so when she managed to get back £400 using a price i found and Barclaycards price promise :slight_smile:

lol wp that man

ill give u a buzz later if ur about, like the sound of that 22", 32" would be a bit excessive i reckon