Legality of bringing booze back to the uk

Im going to ask to g/f to bring me back 4 70cl bottles of 80% absinthe back from spain (if its legal of course ;)). Does anyone know if it is? The customs & excise site and google havent been very useful. I dont want to be paying tax on it so i need to know the limit you can bring back tax free as well. :wasted:

AFAIK there’s no limit in EU countries as long as it’s for personal use…but I could be wrong.

Can I just say I will never drink absinthe again and that was only 55% stuff! Admitedly Barry & I shared the bottle between us, but still never again! :puke:

that’s right spirit, but there a few limits :smiley:

lAcohol or Tobacco - quantities tolerated

You are particularly likely to be asked questions if you have more than:

* 3200 cigarettes
* 400 cigarillos
* 200 cigars
* 3kg of smoking tobacco
* 110 litres of beer
* 90 litres of wine
* 20 litres of fortified wine (such as port or sherry)
* 10 litres of spirits

you can just transport 10 litres. If it’s more you’ll have to convince the officer that’s just for your personaly use :slight_smile:

Is this the real mccoy with Wormwood?

That stuff is very dangerous, there’s a reason it was banned for 100 years. Van Gough cut his flipping ear off while buggered up on that grog:nod:

Um Scott? DON’T!!! its halucinogenic and a serious mindfu**. stick to vodka.

Damn, we missed out on the halucinogenic properties when we had it :lol:

We had it in spain and it was pretty good. Obviosuly this stuff is gonna last me a while and a bottle is going to be shared between quite a few of us.

@JUGGY - I think they stopped using wormwood long ago as thats what makes it so halucinogenic. Its still pretty strong due to high amount of thujone though.

Thanks for the info everyone. Im defo not going to be getting more than 10 litres as im not willing to spend more than £50.