LHC News

So here some latest news from projekt:

02.03.2007 16:00 UTC
Yes it is going slower than expected. It is a unique installation of BOINC (very unique) but it is moving ahead and we give you our current To Do List:

  • Initial Database Migration
  • Get test system working with database
  • Ensure e-mail is working properly(trickier than it sounds)
  • Test migrate again
  • Real migration
  • Sort out job submission over AFS by SixTrack User

This is going ahead at a pace to make sure that everything is working at every step of the way as opposed to trying to sort it out post a hasty install. So in a few weeks time the problems of yesteryear will seem like a bad dream that never happened and we’ll all be happily crunching away.
Later days,
Neasan and Alex.

and here the past to do list from 15.02.2007:

  • Database backup and restore

  • Server backup

  • Get test system working

  • Find and compile and test:

  • Transitioner
  • Validator
  • Assimilator
  • File deleter
  • Ensure e-mail is working properly
  • Test migrate
  • Real migration
  • Solve any other problems that come up!