Life Mapper processing times

I started lifemapper a few days ago. The jobs took just under twenty minutes. This is what several people suggested it normally takes.

I later specified fish. My times jumped to 45 minutes. Ok, I said, they need fish crunched too. After about 100 jobs of this I decided to switch back to unspecified to make things run faster. I figured the fish would be sent to everyone in a random fashion so would be processed anyway.

Well, shortly after that my times started going to one hour 30 minutes, now one hour 45 minutes. Is this just the data or is my setup totally bollixed up?

I’ve been experiencing the same - one day last week had loads of small species and did over 200 jobs, now lucky to get over 150 with the same amount of machines. I think the some species do take longer, but its all work that is required to be done, so I sit with no preference.
As long as I am contributing to a worthy project, the stats although nice take the back seat.

oh…btw @Barcode - you have a bad day yesterday?? I seem to be catching you again…



I just checked that last night. from the 29th of last month here is how its been going for me.

29th- 30
30th- 38
31st- 44
1st- 39
2nd- 32
3rd- 37
4th- 41
switched all comps to lifemappers (only 1 other 1)
5th- 94
6th- 73
7th- 74
8th- 73
9th- 72
10th- 76

Now my question why on the 5th did I do 94. I stay on plants so it would seem that it should not change that much

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oh…btw @Barcode - you have a bad day yesterday?? I seem to be catching you again…


DT. [/B]

Get a new laptop from work tomorrow…

Can you give me an idea of how many minutes it takes for you to do one job? I think this two hours for some units is a lot. I haven’t had a twenty minute job since my fifth job when i changed my preferences.