From browsing round the EMIII site I checked out Lifemapper at

If you have an old box which is too slow to be of practical use for Folding/SETI/whatever why not pop it on Lifemapper? I’ve put one box on now and we do exist as a “Group” - look at “Team Phoenix Rising”.

I know this is not going to be central to anyone’s DC interests but as I say a good use for an “old slow 'un”.

We/I are now in 30th position :slight_smile:

Looks like a nice project. Still in the early phase but promissing.

The TPR team (Mojo still all on his own) might need a bit help here and spending 1 or 2 cpi cycles on this case will not be wasted :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for checking us out!


Welcome to the forums! :wavey:

Just started this little program up and noticed it only uses 85% of the CPU so I also started the Folding@Home engine and things work out nicely… Lifemapper uses it’s 85% and then Folding@Home uses 15%. Not too shabby. :wink:

promote TPR

Although I dont think this site gets much traffic, but I may be wrong.


wanting to give it a go, but the web is “page not displayed”


its not - its that for some reason you need this link rather than the one Mojo used :confused:


nah I think they are having webby troubles i was on there
earlier using the above link but its a bit hit & miss to if the
page loads or not.

Many thanks to Len and Mulda for their support - an old celly can eat this program alive ATM, why not?

While Mojo is still resting… :smiley:
Jeff and DoubleTop came to the rescue with real nice machines :thumbsup:

TPR back on place 29 and the next teams look like easy targets too :wink:

Beside the stats fun it makes sense to help getting better knowledge of our environment on earth and is a logical addition to SETI (and other DC projects).
LifeMapper does not need much mem bandwidth, so running it on older machines or parallel to other DC is fine.

Become a Lifemapper and help science use this knowledge to better understand and conserve Earth’s biological diversity. Become a Lifemapper and help science inform environmental solutions for Earth’s biological diversity.
(from the LifeMapper website)

Thanks Len. I thought I’d let it run for a little while to see how it goes. I’m currently running Folding@Home, SETI@Home, and now this LifeMapper so I won’t be having any “killer” output on any one project but this makes for a bit more fun. :smiley:

I don’t know why but I kinda like watching this program. :amstupid:

…and of course the other use which we are using it for is as it uses low memory bandwidth and only 80ish% cpu, perfect for making these new fangled laptops run at full speed all the time :smiley: :smiley:

Office has now been recruited !!!


Originally posted by Jeff
I don’t know why but I kinda like watching this program.

Me too;) but the only bit I don’t like and don’t seem to be able to figure out how to get rid of is the constantly scrolling news on the left hand side.

Now if I could get rid of this the options open to me might be endless;)

I’ve signed up and done a unit or Job or whatever they are called for comparison with how it performs when I play the odd game and I can’t run seti in the background.:rolleyes: :wink:

Also, does the site only update scores/teams, etc once a day?

Thanks Mojo.

7 Team members now and 2 more places up. Top 25 is near :smiley:

The stats are supposed to update 2 times a day. 9am and 9 pm UTC.

@ Jeff and DoubleTop
I see you are racing up the charts

@ Lifemapper (hope you will see this)
Would be nice to have an option to load XML realtime stats like Berkeley has;)
Good stats have ever been an additional motivation and are attracting more ppl to the project.
You could offer the basic stats like now plus XML realtime data and other websites could offer like hourly stats.

…and ReikiMaster creates his own account for his laptop rather than using mine… and bearing in mind he is at work full-time and me being a part-timer, I wonder how long the others will last on my account…


Just saw your suggestion about real time reports. It is actually a popular feature request. It’s on the list and will get done when we get to it.

mmmm…me likes this :smiley:

BUT… is there any way of caching Wu’s like with SetiQueue etc etc?
It’s just that i’m not too keen on the permanent net access lark

oh what the heck…i’m paying enough for a 24 hr B/Band connection…I may as well make use of it :smiley:
See you on the team list :slight_smile:

Just started running this tonight :slight_smile: will leave it running for a while see how it goes with folding running at the same time.


Originally posted by Gizmo
BUT… is there any way of caching Wu’s like with SetiQueue etc etc?
It’s just that i’m not too keen on the permanent net access lark

From what I was reading caching is far up on their to-do-list.

Well… ummm… you’ll see. :smiley:

(let’s just say that I like this project… you know… like I like all the projects when I first start them. :lol: )