Lightning Storm

We had an absolutly amazing Light storm here last night.
i wish i had taken some pics but i doubt i would have got anything as once you click the button on the camera it takes 2 seconds to take the picture.
but the whole sky was lit up.
heard on the radio it was the biggest light show in scottish history and one guy had a near miss but he’s ok.
no power went off which was good but the lights flickerd a bit.
i though jack may have got scared but he was watching it from the window and absolutly loved it.
to day though is all dry and sunny and lovely and warm.
it was just what we needed :slight_smile:
How is everyone elses weather at the moment.
i could just look at the forecast but im making conversation :stuck_out_tongue:

Theres a piccyfor you, I think I may have heard thunder down here in the south west last night but apart from that nothing exciting. Nice and dry and warm here too today

here is more pics of it

it was totally amasting but i didnt watch it i dont like lightening

It was pretty awsome from over here. With few street lights, the skies are very dark here after sunset and to the west it was like a strobe light flashing away. At the peak, there was more than one flash a second ranging from the south west all the way round through west to the north west.

We had only a few closer strikes, though the power tripped briefly. A couple of crunchers got upset after several power brown-outs, but the anti surge sockets protected them from damage.

At work in East Kilbride, the power was out for several hours I think. Big problems with live product running through mechanical processes when the power trips :frowning:

What a difference today though! Enjoy the rest of the evening and tomorrow, it’s to turn back to normal by Sunday.

By normal im guessing you mean snow sleat rain sun hail cyclones ect and thats all before lunch time :wink:

well we had a good laugh we didnt even realise it washappening till we went outside the flat is so well soundproofed that we didnt hear the thunder at all rofl

Hilton Glasgow got hit 3 times… as the storm breakers kicked in :o we all saw the lights flicker. No idea wot was happening till we looked outside lol

Its alright for some.:stuck_out_tongue:
it hit quite hard here but only for like 10-15 mins.
then all we had for sveral hours was lightining. but no rain or thunder :stuck_out_tongue:
Was very cool.