Linux Star wars fans...

Found this online…

Looks amazing!

now thats art :chuckle:

I wish I had that much time on my hands :stuck_out_tongue:

how that is good must have taken ages to get everything in the right place.

i have seen pics like that before but with a picture of a person using photos of themselves in the exact same way as this its really brill.

Looks good
i wonder how they do it?
would it just be an enlarged picture but the pixles are replaced with other pictures?
the only way i could see it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats the program used…:wink:

Important notes:

* this program contains bugs
* the source code is messy
* this program works slow.

:haha: At least they are honest!

I reading the local paper the other day and seen an advert for a guy that does this you can get a pic of yourself kids etc made up of hundreds of different pics of yourself or whoever you want the pic of what chocked me was the price £200/£300 :eek: