Linux & WINE & Windows CLI = no CLI cacher ...

Hello all those ppl (and there is so many of you :wink: ) who use Linux and WINE with the Windows CLI for crunching your WUs.

One question: How do you cache the WUs?

I have no permanent internet connection on my Linux box and want to be able to stash away the WUs using a windows cacher. Prefereably it has to be all command line based.


Because I don’t even want to be running X on Linux. I want the whole thing stuck in command line so it’s as optimal as possible.

Thanks for your help.

My search for Linux/WINE windows CLI caching continues…

That’s for setting up caching for the Linux CLI from what I can tell.

I need a windows (DOS based) cacher to run along with my seti-winnt-cli.exe under WINE.

Thanks for trying to help. I had read the sticky first :wink:

EDIT: If you’re wondering why I go to the trouble of using the Windows CLI rather than the Linux one, it’s because the Windows CLI under WINE is faster than either ‘Linux CLI on Linux’ or ‘Windows CLI on Windows’.

It is the best option and takes 10 - 15 % off of a ‘Windows CLI on Windows’ WU time. (and about 30% out of a ‘Linux CLI on Linux’ WU time)

Not if you swap the calls to a the linux CLI for the wine + NT version. Works just the same.

Cool :slight_smile: Could you explain please?

Also, any idea what this error in WINE is all about?

file_set_error: No such file or directory
fixme:ntdll:RtlNtStatusToDosError no mapping for 0001869f
Unknown error -1

It comes up just after SETI finishes receiving it’s data. Googled it but couldn’t find anything specific to fix it. :frowning: