Little Jack

Time for a miracle story. Some may recall my main reason for doing Folding, a little boy called Jack from Plymouth who was diagnosed with Leukemia, all bones in his body were collapsing and numerous tumours. 2004 Christmas was meant to be his last at home, from then onwards the doctors had very little hope.

This morning, Jack is enjoying Easter at home :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: A while back the doctors came across a new treatment, not been thoroughly tested and unsure of the results. As they had decided Jack was on the way out of this world they tried. He is now clear, not just a bit clear, but clear clear :woot:

The Wishing Well charity beat him home :wink: His elder brother and sister and the charity have filled the house with welcome home decorations, helium baloons and the like. The cure is being used alongside that word, miracle. A fantastic piece of news :funknana:

So along with the Folding call to arms post, please continue to run projects of Distributed Computing. There may not have been a direct involvement with the sciences, but you never know, and I would like to believe there was :smiley:

Happy Easter to all - had to share this :smiley:


Thats fantastic news DT, had a friend at school who went due to Leukemia, tis a awful thing to have and to know that there are cases like this happening brings hope to many people!

Great News, thanks DT. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Damn is good to hear a great story like that. Great news DT :slight_smile:

Fantastic news DT :agree: I bet Jack and his family are having a very happy Easter!

Thanks for that news DT, its great to know hes doing so well, and this sort of thing renews my faith in what we humans are doing to this planet with our science.

Great news DT :woot:

Likewise, I lost a close friend @ Uni to Leukemia which is one of the reasons I fold. Nice to hear of someone beating it.

Thats really great news :slight_smile:

Tough one to beat but glad he did. :thumbsup:

Great news!