LM News

Was wondering where all the stats come from to build the daily LM news?

Is there a place to get other then http://www.adventurevision.com/lifemapper/Team%20Phoenix%20Rising.html that would provide the following:

Daily production of a given user…group…etc
Current production…not delayed
Estimated production over next XX days

I guess I like the http://orion.setiatwork.com/cgi-bin/wkystat.pl?group=Phoenix+Rising location view…past days, total etc…any place like that for LM

Ok That said…Crunch Crunch away all…



Nudges Greg in the direction of this linkage



Thanks for the Nudge… I have been using it but you can’t sort on the order…

I first click the Render All Teams…then I click TPR… I get some great stats then…but then I click View Users for this team I get the users but can sort them when I click the Last Update Units at the top… I get CGI errors… NOT Found…How are you sorting the results to get top five and related?

Are you just dumping into a EXCEL sheet and sorting there?

Was just wondering…



Just me asking for more…hmmm more is nice!

Ok, after some messing around …

The link says
and it should be

So simply delete the /lmbeta part and hurray :wink:

Looks like a leftover from the move from the beta page

Thank you Len your sooooo darn smart…! :wink: No Really!

I cut and paste from HERE for some of the news post, for the rest I either just do it the long way from the dp stats or sometimes use an excel sheet that Speedo sent me, but of late what with the lm server probs have not updated it in a while.


KO thanks for all the links…information over load almost…Just building a Spreadsheet to watch the stats…I’m a programmer and write Accounting software so I guess I have two number crosses against me…:smiley:

Thanks for all the info again…back to the crunching…and maybe a little Pizza…



would be interesting to see what you come up with, the ecxcell stuff I am using at the mo requires me to input the totals by hand on one page then it’s set up so I can do a data sort on another page for total, daily and weekly, would be interested if you can come up with a more automated solution. Anyhow any chance can try a copy of what you come up with.


You bet…will after testing it with the links you provided will send a link for you all…Programming Excel is fun…sure ya right the rest of you are saying…no really…programming someones ideas is like birth…new program and more …bugs…:eek: :eek: