Lo all

So how are you all. How was MOJO’s - what’s my OG password :wink:

We’re back from hols. Just had a 5 hr sleep and now its 2:45 in the morning my int clock says its time to get up :frowning:

If I can find Chris’s lappy in the pile of rubble in the hall that we like to call our luggage there’s lots of photos to process quietly till morning. Then again when I get rid of this disconnected brain/body feeling I could maybe have a go at fixing the combistats.

Good to see you back, Balrog.

If you make it up to Shropshire in November we can tell you in person how Mojo’s went :stuck_out_tongue:

Crikey - 24 hr admin cover, things are looking up around here :wink:

Yup, hoping to make that one. Book me in Scotty

Have a great time Neal, its back to the grindstone for me.

LOL You just weren’t looking you slacker - beat you to it :p.http://forums.teamphoenixrising.net/showthread.php?t=34732

lo balrog…Welcome back :slight_smile:

Welcome home Mr B :wave: Glad you had a great time.

Welcome back:wave: Now get to work on posting those pics of your lovely holiday:nod:

Pictures, pictures, we want pictures! :wave:

Hello Mr. B and welcome back! The missus let you off whilst the remodel is still underway, or did you finish the job up? I’ve been missing far too long.

Hey Mr B :wave: Good to see you back although I do trust you had a fantastic time :thumbsup:

Hope Mrs B & Chris are doing well too :agree:

Thanks one and all. Yup had a great time and managed to drag Chris back with us :wink:
Pics are a comin’

:wave: Hiya mate

back just in time for the sales at the DIY shops :Poke: :chuckle:

Looking forward to the pics :smiley: