Look :P


Well there are lots of wireless audio players to Car-radio transmitters available nothing

But word of Caution **** Buy at own risk in relation to ebay offered items.

This is because not all places around the world has the same governing restrictions
to transmitting devices.

So acertain that the device being brought is UK legal… else you could be in hot water
with the Police for making illegal broadcasts.

**Just cautionary warning **

Those things are definatly illegal…Its like driving around with your own pirate radio station essentially…so dont leave it lying around on the dash :wink:

As MC says. They are illegal. Eqvilant of making a pirate broadcast


ahh well :frowning: still cool tho :slight_smile:

Odd. They are very widely used here. Even our XM and Sirius receivers have built-in FM modulators. They aren’t that strong. If they are even close to the same frequency of an actual radio station, that station overrides the modulator.

We have always had very strict broadcasting laws and so such devices are illegal. It says that they are looking at the possibility of making such devices legal, so perhaps in twenty to thirty years…

Indeed Alta, indeed.

You could live by the phrase “It’s not illegal unless you get caught” but that’s not very sensible…

I certainly would NOT condone having a 4 watt FM stereo transmitter in the UK either. South of Gibraltar might be another story entirely :wink: