Looks like John Reardon has left


Happy trails mate - don’t be a stranger! :wave:

I guess there will be a little comings and goings until people settle.

see you John Reardon, your always welcome back if you like

Seems to have Joined “team wireless”


An odd move but they didnt have ANY units till he joined so it was a charitable move :chuckle:
But it is a local team in Australia that covers his area of interest Wireless comms so I can see his motive.

Good luck John

Take care and happy hunting :wave:

Happy trails John Reardon. :wave:

:wave: sorry to see you go John Reardon. He is the only one that I have seen so far that is interested in Genealogy.

Byeeeeeeeeee :wave:

Sad to have a leaver, espc when they say nothing :frowning:

But it seems that there hasn’t been much affect on the Woots.

Oh well happy trails John m8 :wavey:

Sorry to say, we have lost another

Good Bye jdkaleva, your always welcome back :slight_smile: