Lottery Lucky dips

Are they really that lucky ?

Feeling flush and lucky I bought seven rows.
Looking in detail at these “random” numbers I smell a rat especially on the duplication front.

Three rows have 01
Three rows have 23
Three rows have 32
Two rows have 27
Two rows have 41
Two rows have 29

My winning numbers tonight will be 01 22 27 40 44 49

Trying to think of my maths stats skills, chances of that happening are… harder to work out than I thought when I started.

I wonder if it is like the birthday thing: Where you only need a random group of 23 people to have a 50% chance of any two sharing a birthday.

I have found for some strange reason that some lucky dip numbers feature numbers pulled in recent draws, thus rendering then unlikrly to come out again. Conspiracy theory anyone? :slight_smile:

Now than, when I pick my own numbers I always have a row with 42 in it, HHGTTG.

Tonight I have won… The opportunity to give £7 to good causes.

Wont be doing that again for a while