Lowfield Inn Funday

It’s the annual fun day at the lowfield inn (Mojo’s Pad) on the 8th July.

‘We’ as TPR have been invited to submit a team. It’d need to be a minimum of 6 and names and they would have to be rock solid as far in advance as possible.

Games etc are yet to be decided but you can rest assured there will be a few ‘odd’ ones.

so, any one up for a giggle?

working… again…:frowning:

Why does everything good happen when I’m bloomin working…

sorry mate, my saturdays are sacrosanct at the moment :frowning:

I’ll check the calendar, but I should be able to make that :).

Barry & I are both up for it :smiley:

i’ll go in for that :slight_smile:
All attendes would be advised to bring a spare set of clothes :wink:

Sadly I remembered the dates incorrectly, the Village Festival is that weekend so i’ve got no chance of going :(.

All our July weekends are full, except from the last, which has now been filled with the Mojos meet :slight_smile:

C’mon everyone, who else is up for a laugh at the fun day? :smiley:

im on holiday then…and mojo’s come to think of it :frowning:

2 weeks away,:Poke: will it be

TPR Funday Team :cheers: :cuddle: :rocker: :trophy:


TPR Funday Team :ghey:


looking at the calendar, I’m thinking for me it may be easier for me to make the Funday rather than the lan :chin:

Who do we have as definates ? Dammo, Hids, Barry and Preecey and TankGirl who isn’t working but couldn’t take part :Poke:


I think I’ll be there, got an appointment on the 3rd, I’ll have to confirm closer to the date as I’ll have to drive myself Ali’s got her reiki 2 on the sat, I’ll not be able to partake in any of the games but will be morale support for team TPR if we can get 6 defos

Looks like mojo might just be going to the costume shop for damski being the team mascot :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate to say but I don’t think we’ll be able to make it :frowning: Doesn’t look like we’d have enough for a team anyway :shrug:

Would love to go but can’t drive…not allowed :frowning:

found out this morning WHY that weekend is in my calendar as clear - I’ll be in Bristol I’ve been informed by the one who still uses a paper thing on the wall to plan events :sigh: :chuckle: We are visiting Great Grandma that weekend.


I’ll take this as a “no” then.

Dammo (or anyone else) if you want to come down anyway for a laugh you are of course welcome.

Yup i’ll be there, the last one i cam too was ahoot :smiley:

Bump for saturday :slight_smile: