Make up my mind

Caddy Drives




or maybe something else :smiley:

I’d choose the second myself…

Looks better.

No idea on reliability. Price per Gb?

First was £0.31/Gb
second £0.33/Gb

Depends on the size you need :wink:

For brand I’d pick the Seagate. Wish I knew about this earlier as I bought a bare 250 drive and USB caddy for more in total than this does.

i’d go for the Seagate on reliability and cos misco is pretty good on delivery and support.

personally i’d just buy an icy box and throw in a drive of choice old one
you have or new one, think your better off warrenty wise with a drive
brought and placed in an icy than if branded caddie goes mental.

I have one of those Icy Boxes with a 500Gb drive in it. It runs 24x7 and is cooler than any of my other external drives.

:withstup: and :withstup: :chuckle:

A closed box means if it has a hissy fit, then it’s a real pain. One where you can get to the actual drives makes a lot of sense, especially if it is for work :deal:


Good point thanks guys. :amstupid:

ummmmmmm had an icybox that when using firewire would corrupt the drive and from reading about on the interweb it is a common prob, a firware update seemed to fix it in the end, before the psu packed in, with the problems I had I never even bothered to rma it and now I find out the faulty psu is a known problem, most problems are maybe fixed in the newer versions, I must say though that the iceybox worked well on usb.