mandrake 9.1 boot error

hi guys,

got a small problem… my linux box on boot gives me this error code…

"CODE: Bad EIP value.

<0>Kernal panic: attempting to kill int"

well not being much of a linux guy im stumped, that and the only spare cdrom i can find in the house is so old that i cant boot from it, no floppy drive in the machine…

the hdd with this copy of linux on is from an old machine, i swapped it out… amd k6 to a p3

please help


not to worry guys… stole the misses cdrom and a clean install of mandrake is now done …

You can make a bootable floppy for installing Linux, most distributions have tools that will run in a DOS environment to create an install floppy.

Look for rawrite or something like that

Just in case you cant get hold of a CDrom that supports booting next time you need to re-install that system :wink:

thanks MrTFWitt should be ok, with a bit of luck… i got spaceboy comming to give me linux lessons later…lol

god im sucha noob