Many Many Thanks

Yet again many thanks to Bev, Martin and all their staff for yet another brilliant weekend. I don’t know how but they just keep getting better.


here here :smiley: I could have sworn it was a single day event :wink: Not much sleeping :lol: well - some did, but the pics will tell the stories :chuckle:


Would have loved to come but the mud a needed moving :frowning:

hope u all had fun and I should be at the next :smiley:

Cheers Martin and Bev, good food and good company.

The slightly broken TFW

Thank you Martin & Bev for a most fantastic weekend that passed all too quickly yet again, and thank you to everyone there for accomplishing the task of making my ribs & lungs hurt for most of the weekend through laughing so much :lol: Especially those innuendoes :chuckle:

TFW, hope your ok (apart from the obvious broken collar bone) :cuddle: Now you know why I refused to get on the mini moto at 4.30 this morning :wink:

Martin, please apologise to any of your customers who overheard my little outburst at the pool table

Thanks again everyone, as Gaz says, I don’t know how but they keep getting better and better :thumbsup:

This was the best one I’ve been to, although the nights could have been a little warmer :wink: Cheers Martin and Bev - food was delicious as always too :smiley:

Indeed thx m8y :nod: you do us proud as always.

Mighty fine time had… just need to recover the sleep now :smiley:

But I say one thing… That Bacon & Cheese Bap at 6ish in the
morning before the last of the last collapsed for sleep was blooming Loverly. :slight_smile: MMMMmmmm

Indeed body count may have been lower but deffo these do get better everytime.

Yep another good one with the usual great food & drink, many thanks :).

Another round of thanks added from me.

And that chocolate ice-cream is to die for :smiley:

I take it TFW had a bit of a accident then? jeez driving that van with a busted wing isn’t going to be fun! :smiley:

One of these days! I swear.

Many thanks from me too :slight_smile:

Thanks Martin&Bev and all the staff at the Lowfield :thumbsup:

And just as a continuation from friday night the in my pants thing has been carrying on again tonight…i’ve forgotten the best ones from tonight but i know it wasn’t a thing to do with a gadet :smiley:

Err yes, something of an accident. Just glad it was me to be honest.

Van is easy to drive.
Being an auto it only needs one arm and one leg operative which is about my current quota. Took my time on the way home and only used 1/4 tank :thumbsup:

Bits of me look like they got cheese gratered :wink:

I don’t even want to think which parts look grated :eek:

Where are the pictures???

Probably all on their way to “You’ve been framed”

Broken collar bone? ouch, I know how that feels suffering with one atm myself :slight_smile:

Its the no driving for two months thats a real inconvenience, means I have to work from home so swings and roundabouts really. But yes its damned uncomfortable.

I seem to have gained a rubber torch during the evenings events, if anybody has lost one let me know.

Thanks again you two :slight_smile:

ohh and hows the boss after his night on the drip trays ?