Many Many Thanks

Finaly back home, a big thanks to Martin and Bev for a superb weekend. These weekends just seem to get better and better :slight_smile:

Amen to all the above - top notch weekend - I dunno how you put up with us all :smiley:

Yeah Mojo, how was Tyson? Did he have a hangover on Sunday? :lol:

Late in with the thanks but… Thanks for a great weekend :slight_smile:

Sorry was a little out of the picture on Saturday, wasn’t feeling so good :frowning: that coupled with the fact that i had to drive back and then do the family holiday thing ment i’d hit the tent at midnight with the thought of hitting the road when i woke up.
Woken just after 4am by a bunch of people giggling like kiddys and the sound of the bike speeding into the distance :lol:
Got on the road and got back with time for some shuteye before i had to leave again, theres somthing to be said for setting out at 5am :cool:

I’ve got some pictures to add and some video from my phone when i get a chance to convert it.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

You did book a 4:15 alarm call when you checked into Mojo Towers.


I did, glad to hear your relatively ok Mr TFW, was a bit of a moment there when the bike fell silent in the distance… :eek:

Put some pictures up this morning here :slight_smile:

nice pics… and a very delayed cheers to martin and bev