Mars500 crew 'arrives at Red Planet' on simulated mission

The crew experience what it will be like to travel to Mars in this advanced simulator. Full story from the BBC:


forgot about this little project lol

wow half way there… still time for somebody to lose the plot and throttle a crew m8 lol .<bang> <bang> <bang> let me out of this can Arrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh can’t take it any more.

:lol: Take to the side of the ship with a can opener :smiley:

Good Morning Dave…

Now that’s just spooky - I read Droids post at dinner then started chuckling to myself as a hal phrase popped into my head soon followed up by a modified ‘Daisy Daisy’ song.

The trio will put on the type of spacesuit worn by real cosmonauts

Oh no, they’re so :censored: !

Man on… Conspiracy Theories…

Notice the Communists outnumber the Europeans… mhm…! :smiley: