Me new mota..


Handles like a go cart, sounds like a challenger tank built by ferrari.

Love it :smiley:


Very nice Butuz…but can it handle snow :wink: :slight_smile:


Looks like a soarer to me.

Does this mean the one that didn’t make it to Mojos has been given the last rites ?

Looks like an Aussie skyline to me.

Whats under the bonnet then ?
Tell us about the oily bits

R32 GTS-t

Hehe nice edit PMM :wink:

Yeh its a import '91 R32 GTST, 2.0 Turbo Straight 6, rear wheel drive, rear wheel steer, race suspension, decent rims, decent tyres. There is no rust on it what so ever, i am amazed that this car is supposed to be 15 years old.

To say it handles, is an understatement. Its leagues ahead of my 200sx, and i thought that was bleedin good!

Coming to a mojos near you, better get your earmuffs ready, she’s not quiet :smiley:


orginally put the twinny-T … R32 GT-R :chuckle:

but that blooming rear spoiler was bugging me for ages :wink:

How much :eek:
LoL, just found the advert for the car, when you going to take some pics of it yourself :wink:

When it stops bleedin raining :frowning:



Nice mota :smiley:

Good to see someone can still afford to run a Skyline! :wink: