Meets & Cruises

I was browsing the back pages of Classic American magazine (no it isnt full of dial-a-slapper adverts like Max Power :slight_smile: ) and found the Shows and Cruises page.
I thought I’d share a couple that are local to Essex/London area :

Damn Yankees Summer Slam : July 27th, North Weald, Essex
£10 a head, £5 a head show-cars.

Looks like more of a show than a full drag race meeting.

NASC Street Rod Nationals : August 22nd-25th
Hertfordshire Co. Showground, Redbourne, Herts. (off Junct 9, M1)

I last went to the NASC Nats about 8 years ago when it was at Great Leighs - Hoooge display of quality motors, not many boyracers at all.[/b]

Originally posted by O’Borg
£10 a head

Where do I sign up? :devil:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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[B]Where do I sign up? :devil:

:lol: :lol: :lol: [/B]

May you be the giver for that kind of dosh? :lol: :chuckle: hmmm green head! :eek: :scared:

altho not quite classed as meet/cruise

anyone remember the film cannonball run??? who can forget it…those baps :eek:

neway :slight_smile: I’ve heard that in the latest issue of Fast Car, there is summat on about it, the real thing, sometime in September this year… spans across 5 countries or summat :eek: thats 1 major fookin trek/race :lol: