Merging hosts?

Well, just upgraded my main rig (again) and hit the old “merge by name” link on the computers page to be greeted by this

Processing pal
Can’t merge host 4705990 into 4845741 - they’re incompatible


any ideas?

What did you upgrade?

mobo went from p43 to x38
cpu went from e5200 to a x3350

need some nvidia loving also for some cuda action, but i’m skint now and the ati will have to stay :frowning:

Next time you upgrade, copy the BOINC data folder somplace else. Then when you install BOINC on the new machine, copy that BOINC data folder back and your good to go.

That’s what I’ve done and haven’t had an issue yet, and no lost work at all.

aye its the one thing i forgot to backup :frowning:

Although i had to change the optimised client for sse4 so would have lost anything current anyway i think. Bugger!

Quite impressed though, its just done 4 wu with 2700~ seconds for 41 credit, not bad for stock! Cant oc it at the moment as my psu is not up to the job it seems :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, you wouldn’t have lost anything. It just wouldn’t have crunched them as fast as it could have. Once you got it up and running, then you could have gotten the sse4 client and not lost anything unless you messed up the app_info file.