Happy Birthday m8y

and you know how people always drag up piccies for birthdays, well it had to be done :lol:

/me is fully aware of which pic is likely to appear for my birthday now :eek:

Hope you had a good day and your evening is filled with Jelly and Custard delights :smiley:


ah the infamous nipple jelly photo!

Happy B-day ya tart. :lol:

Yeah, almost missed this one. Happy birthday ya crazy sausage:cheers:

:cheers: Happy Birthday Mincer :cheers:

Hope you have a fab night tonight :thumbsup:

:woot: have a good un :rocker:

Classic pic! :chuckle: Happy Birthday!!! :cheers:

Happy B’day

Happy Birthday Mincer ‘the Nipple’.

p.s. hope to see you at another mojo’s soon :slight_smile:

Hoppo Burp Day, O jellied nippled one,

I hope it was a good one.

Happy Birthday Mincer =)

Happy Birthday :slight_smile: