Mini-quad anyone ?

There are occasional moments when my common sense packs its bags and goes to the seaside for a weekend.

Its currently sitting in a deckchair with a knotted handkerchief on its head :slight_smile:

Right, just after a show of hands for the moment, no need to put hands in pockets but I’m just checking for who might be interested in a mini-quad. ?

Full specs are not yet available but I believe its going to be an 80cc with lights and electric start. A group purchase of these should get a very attractive price.

Interested depending on price

Must… not… buy… more stuff I’ll use one then leave in garage… (so that’s a maybe)

ye sounds cool…lets see some type of rough price…


You know what happenend last time… which plonker talked you into that then ?


… Check the dates. I’ve survived two years since then.

are we talking road legal?

Yep they were road legal but the prospects of buying a whole container of chinese quad bikes dont seem so attractive these days.

Still got two ISO containers I can have for storage if I were to reconsider but life is busy enough at present.
Anyone wanting to venture forward on their own can get all the product leads they want from
Thats Alibaba and his 40 Mates!