Mini V8

You all know ya wan’t one :wink:

Would not say no to the wheels either :chuckle:

Bet I had ya there :wink:

But what could you use it in? It looks a bit like “Big Red”, the lawnmower in The Lawnmower Man film. :smiley:

ROfl thats a great model engine, i wonder how much HP it’s got :Plot:

I’d love to have a lawnmower powered by one of those. Just to see the neighbour’s faces when I do the lawn :smiley:

Old thread bumpage with a bit of top trumpage

I’ll raise your V8 with a Worlds smallest V12

Sorry I only allow non compressed air engine’s that use a combustible fuel & sparky things to make it run to top trump :wink: still a nice build and kudos to the builder :slight_smile: