Mojos: Birthday Bash edition 21st-24th April

i should be able to make either, but would prefer april to give me longer to sort some stuff out out work.

April sounds great, i get home from work march 28’th get paid april 1’st, so im in if Kristine will let me go:)

looks like a good enough reason for me to go for April then :smiley:

:Poke: @ Maojc :chuckle:


Well just maybe April, I need to wait and see if I get another renewal on this contract at the end of March or if I will be contract hunting again in April. This 3 month renewal is getting pretty old already, I really need something with a bit more longevity in between . Been seriously considering striking out on my own, with the step daughter in tow partime doing box builds. (she is actually pretty good at it ) I might need one more cycle of 90 days on this contract to get the financials right. Doing Windows support is a pain though and I think the model I would consider is a coversion to LINUX. :wink:

I’d love to come to Mojo’s as well…
but same reason as Neal…

I’m going to some Physics lectures

BTW What exactly do you do at Mojo’s? :rolleyes:

Clue 1: it’s at a pub
Clue 2: we have pc’s on a gigabit network
Clue 3: It goes on for three days
Clue 4 : theres is some great grub


So you sit around drinking and dropping crumbs into keyboards for 3 days then letting poor Mojo clear it all out after we all bugger orf? :smiley:

Sound about right;) Kristine said yes so if the April date is final i’ll be there( maybe Kristine too)

Sound to me like April is the kiddie then… agreed? Or do we need a poll?

21st-24th would be good - 23rd being my Birthday…


Birthday bash :woot: :smiley:


Given the expected turnout for Feb it certainly sounds like April is the choice.

sounds Top banana to me :banana: :banana:

WOOHOOO, birthday bash!

Could be starting my new job about that time so we shall see.


Should be ok for us :smiley: April, that is, as the thread is getting a bit confoosling now :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohh you never know, 1 of us may be able to attend too considering we’ll be living a lot nearer and won’t be 10 days or so after we move :lol:

Right then you lot! If a date can be sorted out I will make an appearence! That’s if you all would like to meet me!

Sure come along Mr.Fiend. :slight_smile:
I should be ok for april, but don’t quote me. :slight_smile: