Mojo's General Discussion Thread

who what when where why?

Mojo’s, a tpr + friends gathering, at the lowefield inn ( on the weekend 12-14th may, with some turning up friday night, hopefully some gaming but probably many amerryment in the bar with the jukebox :smiley:

See here for previous events pics

Go on you know you want to :wink:

oow, i remember looking on that before…
but unforunatly… as much as i would love to go… its 78.2miles away according to TomTom… :frowning: and got no way to get there!

hopfully i will have a car by next year… but until then, someone place a picture of me on a chair, and i will just pretend im there :slight_smile:

Want a PC for that?
Will cost you £10 connection fee if you do? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

drezha, arr your so kind to me… but as always… … i have no f’ing idea what your saying… :slight_smile:

wormss where about do you live ?

I was thinking the same, between us all we pretty much hit Mojos from every angle, and 70odd miles is not that much in a % of how far some of us travel.


>> Google Map <<

Speedo potentially ? if he’s still Rugby way

Kirsty: If anyone was willing to give Wormss a lif they would also have to make space for my 500,000,000 bags as I would not let him go anywhere without me!?!?

Imagine all the S3XY G33K5 he could hook up with over the duration of a weekend … I cant allow that as I am th3 0nly r4ck3d g33k in his life!!!

ARR… i see the Fine Art of Cable Tidying is not gone to waste with you lot :)…

looks at own compie… :slight_smile: hehe, mines the same :slight_smile:

Thats the old beast…look for a pic of the giga switch

:lol: that cabling is tidy I dont know what your on about :lol: should see our switch boards here at work :stuck_out_tongue: just tried to wire in a new point… no can do :lol:

Kirsty is Forcing me to Tell You To Comment On her Comment!!

she says i cant get ‘some’ until u do.

If Kirsty wants to come, then that is fine (subject to someone being able to carry her 500,000,000 bags!) but she does not need to chapperone you. Your virtue would be safe at Mojo’s :slight_smile:

Does she realise that if she comes she will also have to take part in the Satans’ Blood challenge! :eek:

has Kirsty seen the people pics ? Are you sure she can find a “S3XY G33K5” in amongst that lot … :chuckle: :confused:

If you have not got a lift from someone else, it’s not that great a detour for me to take, misses the M42 in fact, so could be a good move :lol:


I resemble that remark:p

I don’t think i’ll be travelling until friday night, so venturing through Coventry would be fun :rolleyes:, besides, he seems a bit weird :p.

hehe :slight_smile: thank u for all the offers :)…
i dont think she wants to come to keep me safe, i think she wants to come along so she aint missing out on all the fun…

we recently went to liverpool for a family members birthday, and she actually managed to take only 1 suitcase… and it was a SMALL one… i almost fainted…

now… to find somewhere to stay while there… :slight_smile: [i’l leave that part to kirsty]

We all tend to kip in function room :wink:


TK is very S3XY and she can kick my arse at Quake III which must make her a bit G33Ky.