Mojo's sat night food

Ok so one week to go before the big even and wondering what people would like to see for saturday night food? I excpect we will do what we usually do, £6 and fill you boots till you pop :slight_smile:

Curry has always proven popular, would people like to see something diffrent his time?


Curry is always good, would throw the idea of a chilli in. Satan’s Blood strictly optional in this one :smiley:

Satan’s Blood strictly optional in this one

so are tastebuds mate!!!

curry sounds good to me - but i will vote for whatever Martin and Bev find easiest.

(remember folks, it was bread and fishes the last time someone tried to cater to a hoard like this lot!)

i dont mind, but i myself cant handel spice…
so a small NON SPICE option would be nice if its possible?

im happy as long as there food lol

In the past there has been stews and fish if I remember correctly. Easy to cook is one of the criteria. Another random thought… pasta of some kind?

I am a bit drunk right now, kebab springs to mind but I’m not putting that forward as a suggestion :smiley:

/me prepares to bring Extra Sandwidges…

Just in case!

Wormms even tho im not going to mojo’s this time i can assure you the food at mojo’s is Excelent you wont have to worry about not liking it that just doesnt happen :D.
Try the massive burger while ur there thats nice (unless ur a vegitarian of course).

@Mackeral a kebab sounds quite a god idea :D… :D…

Massive Burger?.. Yes, i think i will be Fine… yes… just fine…

/me floats off into dreamland…

Curry, its always good and goes down well :thumbsup:

And Out?

Food is always top notch! :nod:

Though a trip to Morisons is nice for the Saturday Lunch I remember…though I believe a pie left over from Saturday lunch doesn’t make a great sunday breakfast…:puke:

I’m pretty easy to please, so whatever Martin & Bev want to do would be fine by me :slight_smile:

Wormss, if it should be curry or something else you don’t like, then you can always go through to bar and order off main menu :slight_smile:

yeah… im liking the sound of these Massive Burgers :)…

ow, speaking of burgers :slight_smile: i just gone out and brought these SUPER SUPER SUPER sized batch/bun/baps [depending on what u call them in your area]

i’l upload a picture later :)… they are STUPIDLY MASSIVE

farmers market in Reading this morning, now that was well worth the walk round the corner whilst the car was being MOT tested. Sausage and bacon bap that was flipping delicious :slight_smile:

Whatever Mojo cooks will get eaten - easy enough :smiley:


I’ll have anything I can eat with just a fork… provided someone will put it on the plate for me :slight_smile:

here is that batch/bun/bap :slight_smile: … think i will have to kill myself a cow just to find a burger big enuff to fit in it…

and for a better Idea for perspective

NOW, that will make a Proper MEAL!

Well my vote is for a stew, last one was flipping excellent :slight_smile:

stoopid question time…but has anyone had a word with the Chef?