Okay here are our questions:

The coding monkey and I are now seriously considering going to Mojo’s and we’re wondering are computers obligitory as we would probably bring one pc between us?

What are the stop over requirements is it a tent job? B&B?

What is the date it is all happening?

And the coding Monkey wants to know if real ale is available?

Hopefully if all goes to plan and Mrs. CodingMonkey will let him out to play we should be on to visit the cantina

I always have spare rigs here so I can lend you a second for gaming etc if required
Tent or B&B - up to you - weather should be OK
4th September
4 real ales always available

More details about ale & B&B


PCs are not obligatory.

Martin has limited floor space if you want to ‘rough it’, a field for tents and there are B & Bs nearby.

Martin does a fine selection of Ale’s.

Okay the coding monkey and I are in

lol - beaten by the man himself :slight_smile:

Look forward to seeing you.

Sounds like a good laugh! Now to convince the wife…

WOOT… more noobs for the induction…

Nah only joking, be ace to have more new faces,

and the new hook
pringles have ‘once you pop you just cant stop’

Mojo’s is 'once you pop (your Mojo’s cherry) you just cant stop (your self going again and again)


The real ales are very good indeed!
Several Pints of um, er, now what was it called were consumed by me last time :chuckle:

The Reverend (James i htink - mojo?) by brains brewery is my tipple @mojos

But something for everyone, although more barrells needed on the trust bar!


ah yes - that was it :spin:

A barrell on the trust bar would be good, although could be hard to justify… perhaps a polypin? Or the first time I went I believe Bishop’s Finger (might’ve been Old Peculiar - can’t remember lol) was available in bottles behind the bar… this could be a very agreeable alternative too :wink:

not that I’m fussy about my beer you understand :hehehmm:

OK a FIRKIN (aka a barrel in your parlance) is 72 pints. Are you going to drink 72 pints of, say. Buckleys Rev James in 12 hours?

'Cos if you’re not, I ain’t putting no barrels on no bars…

Bilko :drink: Bilko :drink: Bilko :drink: Bilko :drink: Bilko :drink:

72 Pints of Carlsberg Export between us… who’s up for the challenge? :D.

:glug: :glug: :glug:



/looks like Thursday for next Mojo’s for me then :sneaky:


just no blood this time… kind of put a stop to my drinking :eek:

The challenge is bigger than U think…Export comes in 88 pint kegs :smiley:

shame i cant drink,
hope its oky if i come… will try to get m0ney asap.

cant (a la sirgaz…) or dont (… as in … girl…) ???