For those in the UK, don’t forget, IT’S MOTHER’S DAY TOMORROW, but the shops are still open, so you have plenty of time :smiley:

Oh and don’t forget, the clocks go forward as well, so you’ll have an hour less to buy stuff in the morning in case you DID forget :lol:

well I bought me mam a DVD and shes already had it and watched it :lol: bought her a nice card today tho :slight_smile:

i am not getting my prezzies till tomorrow and the parcils are anoying me now :frowning: i hate waiting on getting them im worse at birthdays and xmas

I am getting the day off tomnorrow so i will enjoy every min of it.

Andys mum doesnt know it but we are getting flowers sent to her to be delivered on sunday so that will be a nice surprise for her it was great writing out a mothers day card again been such a long time :smiley:

I got the stuff on friday :p. or was it thursday… good job i got it any way as my mind is puggled :stuck_out_tongue:

oh bugger - an hour less and it’s already early…


Ummmm…I’m ill honest Mum.
Wont be seeing Mum till next weekend so i’ll get something for her and give it to her personnaly…an advantage of her living in Spain (another one being i get rid of brat for 2 weeks :woot: freedom)

Wahey i did mothers day good this year! Got a card, the most slushy one with 3 pages of waffle poem, present, nice dvd that she wanted, and took her out for lunch to boot! My dad managed to scab lunch too, the git. Thats his fathers day already done :wink:


:lol: Lunch at my sister’s place followed by ice cream and chocolate cheesecake did it for me :yum: