MS WORD TOOLBAR - Pls can anyone help?


For some strange reason my friend’s MS Word 2000’s toolbar is virtually all greyed out! The only icons she can use are the PRINT/PRINT PREVIEW/ and OPEN.

This means she can’t use Word at all and has an assignment due in a couple of days!

Has anyone heard of this before? She running WXP SP2. New computer - never been on the internet (yet).

PLEASE can someone help with this? I have no idea where to go from here!

Thanks so much!

Hi m8

I haven’t come across this problem before, but there is info on the NET about it. Look at THIS LINK which shows how to sort out some issues by hacking the registry.

I cannot say if your problem is caused by this, but have a read through and see if it helps.

WARNING Always back up your registry before making any changes at all. Any changes are carried out at your own risk and myself and Team Phoenix Rising cannot be responsible for any problems caused, so be careful!!

well my first thought was that maybe the copy of office you have was a time trial or something and now u need to buy it ?

Not used in an age… Only work where I use it now.

erm on an off change go to your options, have a look around and see if there
is something along the lines of disable options introduced blah blah something ‘97’. and make sure its unchecked.

Can’t quite remember the wording or the options available.

Also… check to make sure templates are not write protected or documents protected.

saw this earlier in the week on office 2003, it was because it was a trial ver and it was out of the 60 day free trial. Nothing you can do but buy it. :nod: :deal: :agree:


yay :slight_smile:

openoffice is a very good product for free :eek: even the mac beta :eek: is good :wink:

Its a registered full version of MS Office - not a trial.

Most of the menus are shadowed out also - even the OPTIONS under TOOLS so can’t click on that.

I tried a REPAIR - that didn’t work - then I uninstalled the entire suite - then did a clean install - but still the same problem!!

Am really bamboozled by this one! And VERY desperate to help my friend get this sorted for her assignment!

Is there anything I haven’t thought of? Will check out the link one of you gave me - APPRECIATE THIS SOOOOOO MUCH!!!


ah, I think we may have missed the key bit, Office 2000, as far as I know the only one that had a trial was/is Office2003.

There are two things to try, start>run>winword.exe /a

If that doesn’t work then there is a registry key that I think Droid may have referenced.


Delete that key set and then when Word restart it recreates the keys it needs.


Thanks a Mil! Will give that a go and let you know! I am SO glad I found this website!

Seriously good stuff!

Have a great day!