My webcam

I think I have this working. :slight_smile:

The image refreshes every 15 seconds and the page every 30.


I’ll try and remember to move it about a bit as currently it’s pointed out the window.

Not a bad image Zouo, how far away were the trees you had it pointed at?

I’ve been thinking of doing exactly the esame thing with a cheapish webcam so I can monitor the garden & driveway at my place when I’m at work.

I suppose about 30 feet. It’s good enough to monitor the garden and you can even set it to only work when there is any movement.

The only problem with having it pointed at the window is that as it gets darker you get a lot of reflection especially from the red led on top of the cam.

weeeeee can see your back now and irc or sommat similar

:slight_smile: Yep. There I am!