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Glad to meet you all. I was just wonderin if anybody here has met anybody almost really special. I once sat in an LA Airport diner during crowded times and actually had to share a table with Stephanie Powers for about 1/2 hour. She’s a knockout in person. I missed John Kennedy JR. by 3 days in a small town in the Llanos of east Colombia. I met Walt Disney when I was 6. Nobody I know of from my schools grew up to be anybody outside of infamous. I saw the singer Tom Jones in LA and he was a dick. Larry Csonka of the Miami Dolphins was a great person and shook my hand in Miami Airport.
I drove up Bob Hopes driveway in Palm Springs once but got turned around though in a very friendly way.
I came over from Skz and thanks for makin us feel family.
Just aman:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I met Charo and the Beach boys.

I partied with Lynard Skynard in the Albuquerque airport and on the plane. They gave me free backstage passes to the show in Denver at Red Rocks.

I met Geoffrey Hayes from Rainbow at Waterloo station, shouted “Hey Geoffrey!” and he turned, smiled and waved… he was wearing a totally pink suit :eek:

Was the highlight of my entire second year of college!

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[B]I met Geoffrey Hayes from Rainbow at Waterloo station, shouted “Hey Geoffrey!” and he turned, smiled and waved… he was wearing a totally pink suit :eek:

Was the highlight of my entire second year of college! [/B]


Met Richard Whitely at yorkshire TV once, also a couple of weeks ago I was standing next to the lass from one foot in the grave (the one married to victor meldrew) at wimbledon station.

Oh and I see the wombles on a daily basis :wink:

had a food fight with Jo Brand once. and totalled Terry Griffiths (1980’s snooker player) motorbike. :smiley:

I worked for prince andrew closly for two years when i part of the team which looked after his helicopter, when he was the flight commander onbord of hms campbeltown. I also spend a day at sea whith the whole royal family, including keepinga eye on the queen mother whislt she drove the ship.

I used to speak to, the then World Speedway Champion “Mark Loram” quite regularly our oldest boy (3 at the time) helped promote a CD “I want to ride a bike like Mark Loram” and got into the local papers filmed on a baby Speedway Bike

Rolf Harris, came into a shop I used to work at before I left school, he stayed and chatted for a bit, really nice guy.

That’s all I can think of ATM :smiley:

I was in the same class as Phil Edmonds the England Cricketer (Spin bowler ) and (different school and country ) Susan Skipper (Actress).

Seen Melinda Messenger (yawn) around town a few times…

… also I had a chat with the comedian Alan Davies back in 2001 (I think) when Arsenal were playing Champions League games at Wembley. Against Panathinikos or someone…

I’ve met loads, espc when I worked for the BBC
The worst to meet, I say worst because he was playing for
the Gooners, but he was one of the best and funniest, Ian Wright.
But I really don’t want to do a list as it will be a LONG post.

Guess I’m a lowly bloke… I’ve met a couple of the anchorpersons for local news at various charity events. I used to party with the members of Sevendust, a band in the States that made it up the charts for a bit.

I met Hughie Green at a local garage
Fish from Marillion at the airport
Lester Piggott cause he’s my mums second cousin
Terry Waite as he lives near here
Bill Wyman local as well


Claudia Schiffer, when I priced to do a job in the grounds of her house (more like a mansion) She really is stunning in person.

Ran into Jack Palance (actor) at the Harrisburg Airport (he was rude because they wouldnt hold a flight for him).
Met Dick Cheney at college, he had a speaking gig back then.
Met Governor, now Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge 2 years ago at my wife’s charity softball game. His daughter and a girl on our team had went to High School together and played softball together.
Went to HS with Jon Ritchie, now starting Full Back for the Philadelphia Eagles football team.
Talked to Darrell Waltrip (american NASCAR driver back when i was 7)
and bumped into Henry Kissinger when I was a little kid on a family trip to the white house. I was walking backwards talking to my parents and he stepped out of his car. Didnt say anything to me, but the Secret Service did pick me up off of him.

Oh yeah, I saw and met the band LIVE several times before they became well know, saw their shows over in Lancaster, PA. and met Bono and The Edge from U2, but only the Edge would give me an autograph.

Server Mark Owen from Take That fame on North Wales Tesco!
I grew up with most of the welsh TV stars and so did my sister.

I’ve shaken hands with Paul Oakenfold in a club in Southampton, bumped into Sol Campbell in London and had some books signed by Terry Pratchett.

I’ve seen myself in the mirror for the past 33 years… :rolleyes: Damn you people run into a lot of other people.

Debbie Harry
Alannah Miles
Most of Blue Oyster Cult
Saxon (even went for a drink with 'em)
Dave Berry
Victoria Wood & her hubby
Some of the Chipendales :confused:
Brian Blessed (man, he is soooooooooooo short…)
Herbie Flowers from Sky (remember them?)
Wendie someone or other who was big in the early 90’s
Once got @r$eholed with a guitarist from some band… can’t remember who though :rolleyes:

Probably a few others too.

They were all in the course of duty.

Richard Digence (SP?) - saw him in a hotel in York

Last one was… went to Menorca in May & who was on the plane there & back ? John Barnes :cool:

Katarina Witt - Got her autograph when a new Scheels sporting goods store opened.:nod: :headbang:

The rock group Warrant - Played blackjack with them in a bar after they finished playing a concert here. Apparently they don’t know how to play or didn’t care how much they lost. They kept hitting when they should have stood with what they had.

Cher - Was in Grand Forks ND for her concert last fall. Saw her in the lobby of the hotel we stayed at. She was busy signing autographs for a bunch of kids.

President Clinton - Didn’t actually see him, but I was working in Grand Forks ND during the big flood there in 1997. The helicopter he was flying in for his tour of the area flew right over us. There were 3-4 armed helicopter gunships flying around his. Don’t know if Monica was with him at the time.:smiley:

One of the guys I work with used to teach school. One of his students was the musican formerly known as Prince or whatever name he goes by now.

I saw Phil Jupitus in the car park at Lakeside once.