Name That Spy Plane - Google Earth

I was having a look round on Google Earth, I’m really surprised what you can see and find on there.

I spotted this plane on the tarmac at RAF Fairford, looks like a U2 to me, any ideas anyone?

With out a doubt, it is a U2.

yup, I’d agree to that

Hate to be technically piccy about this :wink: but it’s actually a TR.1 derivative of the U2 as characterised by the longer nose and the larger aspect ratio wing :smiley:

You Geek :wink: Oh, actually I was the Geek looking for it in the first place, what does that make me… :confused: :smiley:

and look at this little plane spotters delight on a runway outside Moscow…

Mmmmmm, let’s see…I’ll have one of those, and one of those… What! Fifty quid! You must be mad…

I downloaded Google Earth yesterday just to find all the UK airfields :wink: You can even select an option so it points them all out to you. Brilliant :slight_smile: Check out the Vulcan at the Norwich Air Museum at Norwich airport :slight_smile:

I was impressed last night.

Finally after all of the aerial/satellite photography projects over the last few years with poor resolution I found a picture where I could make out my car(s) :smiley:

and there she is…

Yay! Can’t see the one at Newark and I think the rest are kept indoors. I got told off for using all the bandwidth last night so I had to stop looking :frowning:

The Vulcan is a beut of a plane, I love it because of the feral quality in the looks;)

We’re trying to get one flying at the mo, :slight_smile: I bought a wristband to support the charity hehe :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see it.

Remember seeing one fly at an airshow when i was a kid…awesome, the only word for it.

LOUD was the word I first thought of :smiley:

Stop it - you’re all making me jealous :frowning: I must be too young or something cos I’ve never seen one fly.

Being old is nothing to be jealous about :wink:

When I was at school I went to RAF St Athan (sp?) for a week and was allowed to spend a glorious afternoon crawling all over the inside of a Vulcan bomber that was being scrapped.

Managed to grab a couple of ‘souvenirs’ which, unfortunately, I have long since lost :frowning:

Stealing?! :eek:


Well I guess stealing seat covers etc when on board a Tristar is just as bad… :smiley:

Having another play on Google Earth I spotted the holy grail of planes…

It’s on display here: