Nearly Half wy there

Long day today working away on the Mini, been a fantastic week to take off work nothing but sun sun sun best of all worlds nice that I can have the laptop in the garage as well all the needed info at my fingertips :slight_smile:

Sore fingers but a productive day.

Passenger Side Door’s now re-assembled and re-mounted.

All the prep done ready for the new front Arch to compliment the rear already done.

Greased all the Nipples

New Gas Shock Absorbers fitted (The old ones seemed to have zero ability ) .

Litte bit of PMM quick think went into progress as well… Typically a circlip decided to do a break for freedom my eye’s saw where it went (So- I thought ) but once I got there it was not there… So made a circlip out of a suitable metal washer.

Would make a coffee but my finger sare that sore I can’t grap the cup :chuckle:

You’ll find a nice cold bottle of beer easier told hold :smiley:
When are we going to get more pics?

If my fingers are upto the job… Task tomorrow is to Anchor on the front Wheel Arch and add some trim between the front and rear arches.

Then in all honesty the passenger side should represent more or less the finished article.

Still have to do the driverside but the passenger side will show the same outcome :smiley:

I’ll do the before and after shots.

Be nice to see the result of all your labours Paul.

Nice work PMM, its great when it all comes together.
Hope that circlip isn’t on anything important mechanicaly, washers might be a bit ductile.

There has been a lot of changes since getting it :wink:

New Stereo & Speakers
Replaced the Carpet Inside & general smarting up + Extra Sound Deading.
Roof gutter de-rusted in places and re-sprayed.
Roof gutter Trim changed to Silver.
Roof Silver Union Jack Decal.
Front and Rear Windows Locking strip changed to Silver
Windscreen wipers and nozzled replaced for Stainless Steel / chromed
Underbonnet tweaking
Sound Deadening material/mat applied to Engine bonnet
Main Lights changed for more suitable ones
Sidelights / Indicator lights changed to clear style ones
Front Fogs replaced with set of 4 on Custom rail.
Exhaust system changed for Auto Delta Larger than Large Bore

…Due to the Rusty Passenger side door that had also decided to effect the passenger side sill.

Sill stripped and repainted and other area’s deemed worth of extra paint
Door Reskinned (Not by me)
Door Repainted & Rebuilt.

Currently sorting the Arches out… Admittedly not suitable for the replacement wheels I have at the front of the car…

So some bodging is being done with a blow torch :chuckle: ((I like to be different no Sport Pack Arches here )).

Prob a million and one other ickle things but its been the weather holding things up :frowning:

Still progressed greatly this Week :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=The Balrog;384896]Nice work PMM, its great when it all comes together.
Hope that circlip isn’t on anything important mechanicaly, washers might be a bit ductile.[/QUOTE]

No it was just part of the passenger sidedoor linkages for triggering the lock mechanism nothing special :slight_smile: