Need A quick opinion

Getting ready to submit this ad…
I need an honest opinion, it needs something but I am just dead tired and have to get it over this morning…
Please help.

It needs to be Landscape, not Portrait. The wording is difficult to read as it is. .

Yea that is what I thought but they want wide skyscraper… Does make it hard to work with though.
But thanks for the input. Think I’ll work something up the other way and try to get them to use it.

The actual animation looks OK to me, the text is completely unreadable though, try a white or cream text and put it in normal orientation.


Needs more contrast between background and text - difficult to read

You could improve the line breaks for the text in the skyscraper format (will look better properly centered of course):

 Company Name
 now and start
   with the
 award winning
  The slogan1

consider a Red Green colour blind :slight_smile: Not entirely sure how colour blindness works but hard for me to read. My experience is that blue is not a good colour for text, try a fade in of white or cream. I think that would look pretty good and the best bit of using a high contrast for a fade in means that it is actually readable during the fade - gives a better “reading” time for the end user.



Ok how about now… The distant sun part I have to leave… their color

Ok now in DT cream!

Well I will just send it several ways… Thanks for the help…
I got to get some other stuff done and try to get a couple hours of sleep…
Thanks guys… will just see how it goes.

BTW this is still a no post count area right… I hope did not mean to spam to death.
Oh just to let you know… No change on Brittney

lose the nasty roll over board, lose the green scrolling text, lose the red boarder, lose the boarder around the links, lose the boarder around the ad, lose the boarder around 2 top parts.

sorry if i seem harse… i am a very blunt person

and any comments on the flash would be ? those are all comment on the page, not the flash.

btw Heidi - it needs to loop, seems it just sits there at the end :confused:


Thanks DT… Looped it is, don’t know what I was thinking. Just learned flash about six months ago Even worse self taught. Slowly but surely I’ll get it down better.

Now as far as you wormss… I like the rest of the page and that is what counts!
so Shhh till you catch on what we were talking about.