Need a thursday !!

Well as Ive removed myself from all crunching with tpr Ive decided that someone else maybe better off doing the thursday Seti news!!

Sorry :frowning:

I noted that in all the stats I’ve done today Bin. I hate to see people leave the Team stats for any reason, but I hope the situation can resolve itself at some stage in the future and I hope you will come back and crunch TPR again.

The good news from your point of view is that at least in The Clangers you are “King of the Hill” in their SIMAP stats.

Best of luck m8 and I hope we can see your name on top of the TPR SIMAP stats again. :nod:

AWW shucks… kinda puts it into perspective that I can work around Nasal people !!

Me thinks my Simap should return to TPR as clangers dont really crunch it :stuck_out_tongue:

A good idea m8. :nod: I look forward to your stats re-appearing in next weeks table :yippee: :funknana:

just rejoined :slight_smile: should be good to see me tounce Gaz again :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooh!! I see gauntlets being thrown down and a challenge is afoot :smiley: Watch out Gaz, Bin’s on his way back atcha!!:mexwave: