Need case & PSU suggestions

I’ve been thinking of building a storage box for a while, and recently ran into a storage wall which is only being held back by agressive junk deletion. But it isn’t going to last too long…

I discovered fraps, which is very good at eating hard disk. I want to dump it all somewhere while I decide how best to recode it. That will go into another post… but I still want to build a storage box.

Requirements of the case are simple - 3.5 inch drive bays. Lots of them. There must be dedicated airflow over the disks, and must be clear space between disks. I’ve seen what heat does to them… within the above limits, there need to be at least 6, preferably more, usable drive bays. Room for a second PSU would be a strong plus, else the PSU would need an awful lot of power connectors on it…

To start with, I’m kinda looking at Lian Li V2100 series… from my criteria above, it appears to have 12 usable 3.5 inch drive bays, and there is room for a second PSU although there is no mount as far as I know.

You want the Coolermaster Stacker that I have, Mackerel. Will easily accomodate 12+ HDD (each group of 4 can be cooled by an 120mm fan) and it does support dual PSU.

Mine runs 8 HDD internally and is very very cool to the touch.

Hope this helps.

I used to have one of those… speedo talked me into it, I flooded some Xeons in it, and eventually solid it on. I never liked the looks of it. From memory, there wasn’t much spacing between each disk in the holder, but I can’t find any pics of a populated module to look again. It is still an option but the Lian Li easily beats it on looks.

In the case of the Lian Li there is definitely a fair amount of clear space between the disks. But I’m wondering if there are other options I might have missed.

What about the Antec range of cases?

These don’t look too bad.

Antec TX1088AMG
Antec TX1050B
Antec PlusView II

Just a thought;)

I have a pair of the plus view II and while they are nice cases they don’t have the disk room you are probably looking for. I run one with a Asus K8N-DL dual socket Dual Core setup. The 3.5 drive bays are removable and have dedicated coling fans with fairly open front access to allow pretty good air flow. The 120 mm rear fan. is included and pretty quiet. I use a CoolMax 600W supply and it has loads of drive connection possibilites while offering modular plug in cabling. It also has a 120mm fan to keep it cool with 3 different speed settings. the 5 1/4 drive bays come with a rail type setup mounting system for easy insertion and removal.

All in all a nice case, when combined with some large SATA drives could pretty easily provide a terabyte or two of storage capacity.

Looking at the drawing, I think I have something very similar already - the old Cheiftec dragons? And indeed I was hoping for something with a bit more space.

Phase 1 tentative plan is two drives hardware mirrored for the OS, then for storage 4 drives in either hardware raid 10 or linux software raid 5 if I feel brave. That would fill it up the case unless I used 5.25 adapters, so expansion and 2nd PSU are not going to be easy down that route.


Theres a good netgear one around these days

yep saw a Netgear one @ last week with no drive for $84.95

Does it do raid? If not, it’s useless to me. I currently have around 600GB of mirrored storage (1.2TB of drives…) split across several boxes. Going raid 5 should free up some space while maintaining redundancy. I don’t trust disks enough to long term store data on them without backup, and the cheepest backup media of this capacity seems to be more hard disks! DVDs are far too small (I still have hundreds of rotting backup CDRs somewhere…) and blue-ray will be too late and still on the small side.

for 84.95, I bet not.! :lol:

There’s ones that do but they cost an arm and a leg

well in the sense that its 4 drive in a box that can be configured as such

TBH can’t see any single boxes being in the position of being linkable and raidable.

I really don’t see the point behind NAS in most cases. Small size, possible reduced power and portability might be the only reasons but not for me. An existing PC can do so much more. I can recycle most bits, except for needing a better case and a handful of disks…

My brother has just bought an Antec P180 and looks like it would fit your bill :slight_smile:

The P180 is basically a smaller version of the Antec v2100. Dont think you can go wrong with the Lian Li.

As of lunch time I have the Lian Li on order :smiley: Case closed :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I just need to decide what system I’ll translocate into it. (1) A64 3200 nforce6100 but worried if I go linux the chipset might be a bit too modern for it. (2) celeron 2.6 - old but safe (3) dual xeon 2.4, will need 2nd PSU as the CPUs take up most of the existing one. Also it’s been involved in one watercooling accident too many and I’m not 100% sure of its stability if pushed.

Oh, I did find a NAS unit that was interesting, 4x400GB disks and supports raid 5. Snag was it didn’t give much change from a grand. DIY is going to be way cheeper.

To dig up this old thread, I have a few comments to make regarding the Lian Li as mentioned above, and first impressions of the Antec P180 which I just received today.

The Lian Li V2100 is a very nice case, and it was pretty much what I expected of it. Large internal space for 12 hard disks, and a load of 5.25 bays up top. It has room but no cutouts for second PSU. In terms of air noise, it does extremely well. Snag I found with it is, with the HDs I was using, it seemed the vibration from the hard disks I was using were in resonance with the case panels. This made a beating hum and even after poking around the panels, I never found a place to damp it to stop it. This made it unusable for me. Disks with less vibration should be ok.

I just got the Antec P180 to be my new Conroe box. I’ve given up on Shuttles now. As cute and small as they may be, they are limiting in what you can stick in them before risking thermal meltdown. The P180 is a smaller case than the Lian Li, but still have space for 4 drives in a compartment, with two more possible further up. This case isn’t made of thin aluminium panels, but various forms of thick plastic. It feels solid in a bulky kinda way, not a metallic way of the Lian Li. Will start to fill it up with kit over next few evenings and see if the noise of this one is even better. If so, expect the Lian Li case to be added to the sale thread :smiley: