Need some clarification ?

ok im skint well Have £60quid but that goes on gfx card !! now I was wondering !!

How much is mojo’s gonna cost me ??

food ?
drink ?
entry ?

such and such ? I can stigne some money off the old girl but theres only a certain amount I can !!

if the extreme does happen I could paypal money !!

but I need to know !!

Mojo’s can be done on a budget - for a lot of the visitors it is. The expense for most is getting to the event, well worth then being able to kick back, relax and enjoy the company. My first few were done on a budget of £30, and that was before the new food method of big pot, money in pot, eat until gone method.

The last few have been a little different… :eek: but the wife reads the forums so that’s not getting posted :lol: :sneaky:


Entry = Free

If your bringing a PC then £5 to connect to the Lan

The rest you need is just food and drink money…

so if food a all you can eat ?? all weekend ?? and drink each cost of pint ? or what ?? I really dont have a smigen !!

well saturday night food is all you can stuff for 6 quid, beer is around 2 pound a pint, meals from around 5 pound to 7 pound. so for a fri eve to sat eve 30 quid should see you.

forgot what the pc fee is. :S

entry = £5 for lan connection

food = an amount into the pot for the saturday night meal, otherwise a good selection from the bar menu, or cadge a lift off the sober student who does the chippy run

drinks = normal bar prices

most bring a snack box with munchies in for the mornings, the normal people are normally not feeling like food first thing for some weird reason :drink:


dont think ill be doin much drink :wink: prob more water than anything :wink: lol

Ill see what I can do !!

Wonder if mojo does tabs :wink: that can be payed off by paypal :wink:

mojo ??

were you and radar etc etc doing a Friday / Saturday or just a Saturday ?

Generally from rusty memory meals from the bar are around £5 to £6 depends
what your eating… drinks again depends but set yourself some like £2 a pint

The saturday thing is a bit different… more early evening Pay £6 eat till you full
outside that…i.e. dinner time it buy from the main main.

ok cool will get some money together !!

Why don’t you just download your paypal money?

what I was thinking was sending money through paypal the following fridayu when me money comes through :slight_smile:

AFAIK Mojo hasn’t got paypal anyway, so a bit of a moot point :wink:

friday evening till saturday around 5-7 ish depending on sundays workload.

@binlala - any news on MC yet?

If your that Tight for money… i’ll take 30 for the graphics card at mojo’s and you can paypal me the other 30 a week later :slight_smile:

I would just like to point out to everyone that peige has got my Member Of The Month vote :wink:

@ Radar: Dont think its a gona be good news !! seems hes got 0 money !!

little update is it ok for a monitor ?? not getting preeceys :frowning:

If everything goes as planned, i’ll buy you a couple of pints;)

Well most of the Mojo’s weekends seem to cost me about £150ish…but that includes getting there and getting my son hyper with too much coke…and i seem to spend a lot of the time at the bar :wink:

Think the bussiest worry that you have at the minute Bin is Keith finding his car :lol:

sod off