Need something that works on 64bit linux

Just tried folding but it gets it’s knickers in a twist and keeps asking me for login info without doing anything, so what is avail in 64bit linux to run?

:smiley: Boinc clients optimised for exactly what you’re running on :cool:


Arse! SETI?

Nahh, gotta be something more worthwhile that’ll work on x86_64!

C’mon peeps got a 3.6Ghz HT 64bit P4 just waiting to be unleashed on something here, it’s been hours and only 1 pimp!

TPR must be losing it’s touch!

:confused: I’ve been running BOINC on my AMD64 machine for ages, there are a wide variety of projects not just SETI… Predictor could do with a little helping hand :wink:

So run SETI for a month and see what kind of RAC that puppy can get. Then switch to whatever you wish later.

I’ve been wanting a 64 bit Windows XP client for months now! Does anbody know if we’re any closer to getting one now that XP 64 is officially released?

So BOINC isn’t jsut SETI?

Was really scared when I looked that my last folding unit returned was over 2 years ago.

Doesn’t time pass?

OK, I’ll take a look at BOINC tomorrow. What are the other projects that BOINC handles?

Storm - don’t believe for a 2nd in SETI, would rather do something more interesting, or let the CPU idle as for me it gives the same end result. Nothing.

you can do cpdn and loads of others on boinc !!

:haha: You’re probably right. The sacks of meat on this ball of dirt are probably the highest intelligence in the universe, so why try? Afterall, it’s not like the universe is big or anything. :spin:

Neal has it but no idea when the Folding lark will come out on BOINC…

Here’s a link to the BOINC main site with the list of projects:-

I have run all the projects at one point…IMHO Predictor and CPDN are the best ones. But on my 2500+ XP, CPDN slows the machine RIGHT down so Predictor and LHC are my current projects.

You see us english invented sarcasm so I know what you’re trying to do.

Wont work tho :smiley:

I stopped doing d2ol almost as soon as it started as the results stayed in the private domain (i.e. someone is going to make money off of our goodheartedness by selling the results) rather than being in the public sector.

Unless things have changed?..

I’ll try and find time for predictor tomorrow. See how that goes.

Thanks Neal.