New BOINC DC project orbit@home

A new BOINC DC project has just started up:, which will be doing asteroid and minor planet orbital analyses (few other details so far.) This is still in its alpha phase: “User accounts can be created now, and we will disable it as soon as we will reach a user base of at least one thousand users, sufficient for the alpha testing phase.” Currently 400 odd accounts and counting…

I have created a Phoenix Rising team - here is the account creation link:

Just joined :thumbsup:

edit hope they have a linux client… messages said one couldn’t be found… :frowning:

in as well

They don’t have any clients yet. Targeted for August. It’s still pre-Alpha.

Yeah, I figured that out later on by reading their forums. I’d have fixed my post but it was really late.

Looks like they won’t have anything to crunch until late July at the soonest (per a post on their forums). However, we will be ready!