New Browser MMO - Dragon's Call CBT

Official link: Dragon’s Call is undergoing 2nd CBT with auto key distribution system.

Dragon’s Call is an Epic Browser Based MMORPG set in the Ancient World of Stilland. The game is featured with stunning graphics and a large variety of ways to play. Your character will be equipped with an variety of weapons, skills and magical abilities to help you in your journey through quests across the mysterious lands.

Story (8/10): Dragon’s Call sets on a world called Still Land, “a magic world accommodating various creatures, including humans, elves, dwarves, giants, orcs, dragons, animals and evil forces with tremendous power. There was a short period of quiet time after the worlds came into being, when all forms of life lived in peace and harmony. However, as powers and desires swelled, struggles and conflicts, declared or not, came one after another, numerous wars bestowed different destinies upon the races. Some races vanished, while others rose; some allied with each other, while others continued endless fights; some dwelled atop high mountains, while others lurked into abyss seas…”

Graphics (8/10): The game looks quite brilliant and the artists have done a good job with both environment and user interface, adventuring around the world is not so interesting, the developers could add some places to explore, instead of just showing a few points in the map to go to.

Game Play(9/10): There are no overpowered weapons or gear for players who pay and this keeps game fair for everybody, making the game extremely playable for the non-payers too. Dragon’s Call also keeps players balanced with action points. Action points are required to do various actions in the world. They recharge automaticly each day, and once you run out of them, you can just log off and wait for the next day.

The most interesting part about this game is that they support auto-fight, which is strange for a game like this. In most cases auto-fighting is something to get banned for. Instead of killing monsters over and over again you can easily use it to do the work for you. Sure, you will get a little less experience and lose the gold you would have received but you will still get some of the job done.

As for the classes, the game currently presents three classes, the basic Warrior, wise mage, and the agile assassin. I would be hoping for more classes, or possibly ‘job-advantages’. xD

Personal/Overall Rating(9/10): In overall, the game is extremely addicting and fun, and free! The game is new, so there won’t be much ‘elitism’ around just yet. Its easy to pick up, its a great game for a casual gamer.