New camera

Just bought myself a Panasonic FZ30 to replace my old FujiS5000 that was getting a bit worn out. Very impressed with my initial findings:) it takes great pictures and the noise that I’ve heard rumours of is not an issue as far as I can see. I don’t really blow images up anyway. The manual zoom and focus rings are a god send after the Fuji. The 12x stabilised zoom is bloody impressive as well, hand held pics at 12x are steady as a rock.

All a bit gobbeldy goop to me, so you’ll have to take some pics and post them so I can see how nice a camera it is :smiley:

I will as soon as I sort the cat out, think I just blinded her with the flash:D

:chuckle: awww the poor cat traumatised for life now everytime you pick up that camera it will run for its life we need to see the pic of the scared cat lol

Hmm Stabilized zoom - Very nice :slight_smile: