new cruncher coming soon

with parts from the Major, some from my gaming clan (namely a new vid card, as I had to give away my last AGP right before the box from Major arrived, lol) I should have a new cruncher online very soon.
Unlocked barton 2500+
abit nf7-s v2.0
2x256 GSKILL PC3200
nvidia 5200

but I heard a distressing noise when I attached my rather heavy HSF…afraid to take it off to see if I cracked the core or not…hopefully i didnt! lol

Most likely will be all rosetta or maybe Einstein…

Sweet :slight_smile:

Wish I could find another Abit NF7 here…
The old IWill board here is slowly dying and I don’t know what to do the with the nice XP-M2600+ sitting there…
(no no no, I’m not gonna sell it :stuck_out_tongue: )