New Dukes of Hazzard movie

It looks as if the old General Lee will be getting a tuneup. The script for Warner Bros. Pictures’ big-screen version of “The Dukes of Hazzard” is still being wrestled into shape. But that’s not stopping Ashton Kutcher and Paul Walker from expressing their interest in starring as the fast-drivin’ cousins, with Anthony Anderson as Boss Hog, in the remake of the good-ol’-boys TV series that ran on CBS from 1979-85. Kutcher is so into the role that he even dressed up as Luke Duke last year on Halloween. And what about Daisy Duke? Rumors are already buzzing that Britney Spears, who worked with Kutcher on an episode of MTV’s “Punk’d,” is one possibility

I only ask two things :

DONT let Britney do the soundtrack.

DONT replace the General with some glod-awful Japanese bit of turbocharged tinfoil.


Going to ruin another classic.

Spears as Daisy:eek: And yeah, it had better be the original General Lee:D

Daisy Duke, hubba hubba! Catherine Bach… now she used to cause a stir in my pants when I was a nipper, I can tell you! :smiley:

I read an article about this… :eek:

There was a suggestion to make it a next generation duo with cameos by the originals (that are still alive). I’d definitely prefer to see them make that instead of trying to make it like the original. Either way, it looks to be a horrible movie and the only reason for seeing it would be that its free, shows a really kickarse car, and has Spears in Daisy Duke shorts. :wink: