New Einstien Application Getting Ready to be released wholesale

Found this on the Einstein Website this evening, looks like a new better app on the horizon.

December 25, 2005
The new “Albert” search application seems to be working very well, so we are beginning to distribute thousands of “Albert” workunits. For more information, please see the this thread in the message boards. Happy holidays!!

December 23, 2005
After almost five months of development and private testing, Einstein@Home will begin public testing and distribution of a new search application called “Albert”. This is an improved and more sensitive version of the previous search code. Initially we will send out only a few hundred workunits for this new search, but if these are successful, we will begin broader distribution of these new workunits over the coming few days. If unexpected problems arise, please be patient, and look in the Problems and Bug Reports message board for additional information.

this week has been an Einstein week on my singular boinc core :wink: (saying cruncher is technically incorrect :lol: )

Albert 4.37 is the app version mines using, but then I have no clue if that is the new one :wink:


That be the new one under alpha stage it is sounding