new ICE

Well, it had to happen some time, but I just lost the front panel to my MD unit in the car. So I’m musicless while driving. It’s nowhere to be found at home, and the only other place I can think I might have left it is in a hire car I had for work, but calling up the place the car has gone out already so I wont hear back until Tuesday morning…

So the options are: can I get a replacement front panel? Any ideas where and how much?

The other option is to finally upgrade to something more modern, an mp3 unit… any suggestions on that note? One that doesn’t have a removable panel would be handy :smiley:

I’ve been trying NOT to buy one of these just yet

Got some very good reviews

I bought one of those last week from Aria as my old cd changer just skips all of the time.

For the price it’s damn good :slight_smile:

I bought a Panasonic one a few weeks ago (link) which is pretty cool, has good directory control (some of the cheaper mp3/cd players won’t let you play individual directories etc) and is definitely recommended :thumbsup:

I’m not sure what your going to buy but i know that the price of a new front panel will be a good way towards the cost of a whole new unit :eek:

Gave in and ordered one to go with one of these

and one of these

Now if I only had two arms and the slightest clue how to wire it all up. . . .


Woot. Had phone call from hire car place, they do have it so just went and picked it up. So I don’t need to change head unit, but the one at ebuyer sure looks tempting still and at that price I might just stick it on my next order anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Good news on finding the front panel!

I’ll let you know how the Ebuyer head unit turns out.

Its going in the pink van so needs to be on the loud side, also needs to be well made as its got to cope with three weeks of playing “The Wurzels Greatest Hits” To keep Bilko amused.