New project then.....

Move if appropriate…

Ok im am taking matters into my own hands and stopping seti classic one im at 5k, since berkerly cant bring themselvs to kill it. This is not far off so, any suggestions on a new project? And explaination? Requirement: work units must be INTEGER! Looking at d20l atm.

Bring on the PIMPS! :pimp:

D²OL… you know it makes sense, as to why, you help to keep those analogue dank hovel guys at bay :wink:

seriously though, D²OL or Folding, both worthy projects imho.



Can’t disagree with the Statsmeister.

I presume by integer units you mean none of this garbage with BOINC where you don’t know what credit you’ll get? F@H isn’t 1 unit = 1 credit but 1 unit = fixed credit.

Indeed hairy chinned one…floating points suck! Humans arnt meant to deal with them without extensive cerebral damage, thats why we invented the moders CPU.

Yeah Folding and D2OL are the only ones where you get interger units.

D2OL one unit = one point where as Folding is one unit = lots of points but of a fixed value for the unit.

I have no idea what Integer is, but Rosetta is an excellent project that is simple to set up and rewards your efforts straight away.

The other benefit is that it strives to sort out cures for cancer and other gene related diseases. As much as I miss crunching for SETI, life on Earth needs sorting out first…

Looking like D2ol then methinky…speak now or forever hold you peace

D2ol cos you know it makes sense !!

Whatever your choice, remember that stats don’t matter but the science does, be it Rosette, LHC, Seti or whatever, you need to make sure that the science of the project proceeds the stats. With the knowledge that YOU make a difference to the science, imo, is what crunching is about.


Climate prediction also gives fixed rewards for parts of units crunched with bonus for completion no matter system or OS . but doesn’t like heavily overclocked rigs or multiple CPUs …

although in my experience has a definate preference to a Pentium over an AMD in terms of how quick a unit is finished, the RAC on a Pentium1.6 beating an AMD 3200 :confused:

It happens and is still evident on the two nodes I have on CPDN.


Im really not hot on boinc tbh, i have tried it and i thought ‘why is this so complicated’

Just notcied that this is a prime thread for the crunches cafe:doh:

mod move plz you want to.


Just to pee the Digital Dirtbags off more :wink:

Well i am going to investigate D2oL, to see wether my computing will be used for profit. I will NOT do somthing that is going to line a coporations pockets.

Its all well and good finding an AIDS cure, but if they try to sell it at £20 a pop in Africa or somthing, its all rendered futile, and also slightly nauseating.

Well I dont think it’s not profit as many of the peple here would be forced to agree with you but I’m not so sure.

To be on the safe side, maybe run folding? Thats deffo not for profit.

o/c no but runs perfectly on my dual xeons.

I spose yes, its just basic economics, but i dont want to have a hand in profiteering.

Just because there are so many people who die because they do not own and have no way of obtaining the pieces of silly metal or paper that could save thier life and thier familys lives.

Meh, im going philisophical on you asses now, but thats how i feel.

well whats going to happen is well find out why they miss fold with Folding theyll then look at ways to fix it witch will probably be drugs…and who says they wont charge then ??

Going to the source as folding is, is a good idea… but there always money involved !! Always !!

Yeah :slight_smile:

Oh well theres no way i can personally see if my works is being used to make megabucks at some stage i spose.

How big are d2ol datasets or work units or whatever?

If they will fit into to pentium M 2 meg cache, then i am in for some fast processing indeed :nod: I can get at least 2 of the buggers crunching :smiley: